Our Story

Our Story

Trade Angel is a distributor of high-end industrial grade tools and accessories that delivers to our members within a 90 minutes timeframe.*

The Trade Angel concept has been a long time in fruition. We founded a construction group over ten years ago and it became apparent to us that the present delivery timescale of 24 hours (at best!) for receiving orders of critical items in the constructions industry was not viable in the long term. At that time the support infrastructure, that 90 minute delivery requires, simply did not exist. We have re-examined this every few years and last year came to the conclusion that the other pieces were now in place to deliver a robust service.


So Trade Angel was born.

And here we are ready to serve our members.

Saving hours of delay on site and increasing productivity. Helping our members make the most of their valuable time onsite. 

We are very proud to be able to support a diverse segment of the construction and fabrication industry with time critical demands.

We have specifically chosen industrial grade core stock items that you cannot get from any other sources.

Trade Angel’s USP is to get you the best quality items as fast as humanly possible. 

We deliver those little items that keep your workforce productively working and onsite. And hopefully make you smile!

*see our T&C’s for further details.