Tessa Masking Tape - Various Sizes - Trade Angel
Tessa Masking Tape - Various Sizes - Trade Angel

Tessa Masking Tape - Various Sizes

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Crepe Tape - various sizes

Special paper tape for stringent requirements during masking work in the automotive, metal and painting sectors

Extremely thin, soft and high-quality special paper

  • Special paper, ideally suited for both solvent-based and water-based paint systems
  • Enables highly precise bonds
  • Extremely fine paint edges with no paint run

Special acrylate adhesive for highly protective bonds on sensitive surfaces

Good adhesion and residue-free removal, even from sensitive substrates in the automotive and construction sectors, e.g. on chrome trim, wallpaper and furniture

Outstanding UV resistance

Highly reliable bonds

Heat-resistant to +100°C

Especially suitable for paintwork requiring oven drying


Tape must be pulled off when paint is dry. Do NOT leave longterm as the adhesive will harden.

Not suitable for use on copper, zinc, galvanised surfaces, polycarbonate or natural stone (e.g. marble). Exercise caution with paints containing zinc or zinc oxide, since residues may be left.